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Understanding the Legal Online Sports Betting Landscape in the United States Where to Go to Bet Sports Legally Online

The legal status of sports betting in the US sometimes boils down to individual state legislation. The United States of America recognizes that individual states have the ability to govern themselves in certain matters. And while the Feds have outlawed US-based companies from accepting or processing online sports betting wagers, that legislation does not apply to other countries. For instance, the Federal Wire Act of 1961 was enacted to hamper the ability of organized crime to use wired and wireless communication technologies to run illegal bookmaking operations. But there are legitimate and reputable Internet sports betting jurisdictions located in Canada, some that are recognized by the government of the United Kingdom, and some in South America. The governments in those areas have decided to legalize and regulate cyber sports wagering, and they even cater to bettors from the United States.

Offshore Internet Sportsbooks are Legit When They Are Legally Licensed

Even the World Trade Organization has agreed with the right of non-US based companies to offer their online goods and services to any Internet user. This includes US citizens. And after the vaunted Department of Justice decided that fantasy sports, bingo, lotteries and other types of online gambling were acceptable, and should be regulated at the state level, legal online sports betting delivered by US companies has inched closer to a reality. But currently US citizens need to stick to legally licensed and certified Internet bookmaking operations. This keeps US regulators and lawmakers happy, and provides a sports bettor from the USA with a reliable and trustworthy experience. Also, the top rated legal Internet sportsbooks continue to maintain their Internet gambling licenses, they frequently test and upgrade their software, they respect your personal and financial information, and offer great bonuses and player incentives.

As a USA Sports Bettor, You Receive 25% Deposit Bonuses For Life Legally

This is because they understand that millions of US citizens love betting on sports online, and they cannot legally do so through companies located and operated in the United States. The Super Bowl alone registers more than an estimated $1 billion in wagers every year. This single sporting event is reason enough for legitimate offshore sportsbooks to offer their services for USA citizens online. When you factor in the billions of dollars wagered on March Madness, the World Series, the NBA and NHL championships and 4 major PGA golf tournaments every year, you see why legally licensed Internet sportsbooks located offshore are happy to give you free bonus money when you sign up and make a deposit. 25% and even 50% matching bonuses can mean a lot when you are first starting out. And there is even one legally licensed offshore sportsbook we have located that caters to US players and delivers an unheard-of 25% lifetime bonus on all deposits.

Join Us at the Top Rated Legal Online Sportsbooks That is the Only Place We Bet

Because we have been betting on sports and reviewing Internet sports betting sites for years, we know where to point you in the direction of the best online sportsbooks. Our recommendations are guaranteed to be legally licensed for online sports betting in their respective jurisdictions. And at all of the sites where we suggest you open an account, you can also access on-site poker rooms, online casinos and/or race books. That means betting on the horses, playing a little blackjack or slots, or sitting down to some virtual Texas Hold 'Em without having to jump around from site to site, logging into and out of multiple accounts. But first and foremost, the companies that we recommend for online sports betting are the same places where we ourselves hold active accounts. We would never recommend a website that we as US residents, would not use ourselves, and you will always enjoy a legally licensed experience.

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Legally Licensed Online Sportsbook Offshore Fill a Legitimate Need

Laws like the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) and the Federal Wire Act we mentioned earlier were enacted to protect US citizens. PASPA was directly aimed at limiting US companies from offering sports betting, just like its predecessor attempted 31 years earlier. And as federal pieces of legislation, they have legal binding over companies in the United States. But they have also made way for intelligent offshore operations which wisely moved in and legally filled a much-needed hole in the marketplace. Millions upon millions of Americans enjoying responsible adult wagering on their favorite sports teams, leagues and contests over the Internet. And when a US bettor sticks to the limited handful of top flight, legally licensed Internet sportsbooks we have reviewed and recommend, the bonuses are big, the lines and odds are generous, and the experience is always safe, trustworthy and enjoyable.